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A new patient shares her story about the care and expertise of Dr. Leonard Feld DDS

Dr. Leonard Feld DDS is a well known specialist in TMJ and TMD Listen to the stories and heart felt testimonials from several patients he has treated short term and for extended periods of time.


At the end of her tolerance

She couldn’t stand the pain any longer. She met Dr. Leonard Feld, DDS in Indian Wells and the healing began. He truly was her last resort but after just a few short months she was a new woman. Listen to her story and be motivated to get help with face, neck, jaw pain. TMJ can debilitate you. Dr. Feld, board certified


Li, suffered with Tinnitus, severe jaw pain and clicking in her ear

Severe Migraines, off balance, ringing in the ears, also known as Tinnitus, extreme lethargy, excruciating jaw pain, some unable to even get a fork in there mouth to eat due to the pain level. Most find Dr. Feld through referral, and once in his care are excited to share their story with others.